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Student Organizations

In the 2017-2018 academic year, GPSG issued Charters to 37 Graduate Student Organizations.  This granted access to over $120,000 in funding for graduate programming and travel for graudate students at UNC Charlotte.

Why Become an Official Graduate Student Organization?

As of Spring 2018, Graduate Student Organizations (GSOs) must register with both the Student Government Association and the Graduate & Professional Student Government. Existing organizations simply update their information each year with both organizations, while new organizations are required to go through additional steps. 

The title of being a Graduate Student Organization is given when membership made up of at least 80% graduate students. This creates an environment that is ideal for adequate organizational representation for each academic department and other student interests. Being a Graduate Student Organization gives groups access to graduate specific resources like travel, event, and operational funding, official organization recognition by the University, the opportunity to develop new skills outside the classroom and make vital contributions to the quality of graduate life at UNC Charlotte.