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Event Funding


This money can be accessed by Graduate Student Organizations (GSOs) holding a valid charter GPSG for the current fiscal year.

Event funds can be used for both small and large events. This funding can be used for academic conferences, workshops, networking events, socials, and events that build interest in the Graduate Student Organization. 

The amount of money that will be granted will be determined by an accurate estimate of how many people expected to attend, listed as part of an application that clearly explains the event, its goals, and how it applies to the purpose of the organization. Each application will be submitted to the GPSG Treasurer and reviewed for approval by the Finance Committee.

How to Apply

A complete event application packet includes the following:

1. Fill out the Event Application. The application MUST be filled out 3 or more week prior to the event date. This includes: 

  • A sample advertisement for the event
  • A short resume/bio for each speaker (if applicable) 
  • A letter of support from each cosponsor, outlining their contributions to the event (if applicable) 
  • A list of all sources of additional funding, including monetary amounts (if applicable)
  • A detailed budget of how the award will be spent must be included with the application
  • GPSG only reimburses $15 per UNC Charlotte student, please be mindful of this when filling out the application with a limit of $2,000 per event
  • Each event can request up to 12% of total allocated GPSG event budget which is $2,500 per year per GSO
  • Socials MUST have a purpose towards the organization's goals and/or mission
  • Itemized INVOICES for food, decorations, and/or other supplies MUST be attached to your application or you will forfeit your application

2. At least one member of the group should be prepared to communicate with the GPSG Treasurer and the GPSG Finance Committee to answer questions and provide further information (if necessary).

3. When awarded you will need to submit a sign in sheet no later than 2 (two) weeks after the event date or your GSO will risk not getting reimbursed by GPSG and will forfeit all money awarded.

4. It is your responsibility to promote your event.  All events receiving funding must prominently display the GPSG and SAFC disclaimer on all printed and digital advertising materials, which may be downloaded below.

Disclaimer for all funded advertising: Download file here


  1. Log in to Niner Engage using your NinerNet credentials.
  2. Search for Graduate & Professional Student Government and select the appropriate Organization.
  3. Select the appropriate Funding Application form you are looking for under the Forms section.

In addition, we encourage you to submit your event to the campus-wide Campus Events calendar and the Center for Graduate Life's Grad Events Weekly newsletter.

All events will be subject to a discrepancy review. For the review, the total number of people who actually attended the event must not be less than 85% of the original total estimated attendance or the difference between the estimated attendance and the actual attendance must be less than 25 people, whichever number is greater. The penalty for significant underestimates will be equal to the total difference between the estimated funding amount and the amount generated from the actual attendance level.