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Operational Funding

Student Organizations General Operating Expenses

This money can only be accessed by Graduate Student Organizations (GSO) which hold a valid charter GPSG for the current academic year.

How can my GSO spend our Operational Funding?

  • Basic Office Supplies: Printing, postage, office supplies, advertising, promotional items, etc.
  • Small Organization-Building Events: Recruitment events to build interest in the group etc. (NOTE: Events exceeding $100 are subject to the same requirements as events receiving GPSG Event Funding)

The following are unacceptable uses of GPSG Operational Funds:

  • This money cannot be used to fund travel expenses.
  • This money cannot be used for academic printing (ie: thesis or dissertations)

How can I apply for GPSG Operational Funds?

  • Please request Operational Funding from SAFC Business Manager, Casey Hurst to request money.
  • Please provide invoices NOT receipts (do not purchase anything without prior approval from Casey Hurst) 
  • It is on a first come first serve basis

Additional Information about GPSG Operational Funds:

  • To use this money for a small event, an Event Funding request form must be submitted in addition to Operational Funding request to Casey Hurst.
  • Any money allocated must be spent 2 weeks or 14 days or the graduate student organization will forfeit the operational money.
  • The last day to request operational funding is by March 15th. 

Did you know that there are numerous items available for your organization to rent through the SAFC's Resource Supply Program? It is simple, free, and a great way to use provided resources to your best advantage.

**Always make copies of all forms and receipts and keep them for recording purposes!