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GPSG facilitates several Committees to provide direct representation of graduate students on important University and organizational affairs.

Each Committee is managed by a chairperson as outlined in the GPSG By-Laws (2017). The chair appointment process and timeline may differ by committee. If you are interested in serving on a committee, please contact the GPSG President. Announcements will be made as positions become available.

GPSG Committee chairs should be available to attend most GPSG Senate meetings, and should be able to meet regularly with their respective Committees members. The term of all Committee chairs last for one academic year.

Graduate students and GPSG leaders serve on a variety of the University's Advisory Boards, Committees, and Task Forces to promote graduate student interests. 

In 2017-2018, GPSG connected/appointed graduate students to the following boards and committees:

Chaired by the GPSG Parliamentarian, the Elections Committee operates in the spring semester each year. The Committee is responsible for administering, overseeing, and promoting the annual election of GPSG officers. Up to six (6) enrolled graduate students may serve on The Elections Committee, with a term starting in January and ending in April. Students who serve on this Committee will gain valuable administration, communication, and management skills.

The Elections Committee is responsible for:

  • Creating a marketing campaign for the election to increase voter turnout
  • Managing the election budget
  • Processing candidate forms and certifying the final ballot
  • Tallying votes and annoucing the official results
  • Implementing policy to ensure the sanctity of the vote
  • Managing campaign financial reports

Chaired by the GPSG Treasurer, the Finance Committee allocates student fees for travel, events, and organization operation funding.