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Each year, the President appoints and the Senate confirms several Cabinet members. Each student leader who serves as a Cabinet member will gain valuable skills specific to their focus area. 

GPSG Cabinet members should be available to attend most GPSG Senate meetings, and should be free to meet regularly with the GPSG Executive Board to provide updates and to plan initiatives. Cabinet position terms last for one academic year.

Apply at GPSG's Niner Engage for opportunities!

Sri Yash Tadimalla

Secretary of Technology
College of Computing and Informatics

Yash is passionate about trying to make graduate students across the campus feel involved (have a sense of ninerpride). His research involves finding connections between Student engagement and Academic success. 

Why GPSG:  Yash has chosen to be a part of GPSG to learn how one can navigate leadership roles in a professional setting. Being a computer science student he also wants to use technology effectively to reach out to the graduate community.

Cherria Moore

Secretary of Internal Affairs
Counselor Education and Supervision

Cherria is committed to reducing social disparities through the profession of counseling.  She has research interests that include multicultural issues and crisis response.

Why GPSG:Cherria has chosen to serve in GPSG to learn more about the intricacies of higher education in a leadership role.  She hopes to foster a positive impact at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte through student engagement and advocacy. 

Ifeanyi Umeugo

Secretary of Health Affairs
Master of Health Administration,Doctoral Student, 3rd year

Ifeanyi's passions revolve around enjoying music and staying physically active as well as promoting health and wellness in the community in regard to maintaining healthy lifestyles.

Why GPSG: GPSG provides an exciting and unique opportunity to work alongside our University Health Services to champion and promote the health and wellness of our graduate student body.

Laura Knighton

Secretary of Sustainability

Vinayak Sharma

Secretary of International Graduate Student Affairs
College of Engineering

Vinayak is committed to serve the growing international graduate community at UNCC by understanding their needs and priorities. 

Why GPSG:  GPSG provides an exciting opportunity to serve the International committee at UNCC and make sure that their experience at UNCC is enjoyable. It gives a chance to work for the community that I was and am a part of for more than 3 years.